How to do Public Speaking

First, I want to thank to The God, Allah SWT. for giving the health in this great day that we can be here altogether to share the knowledge. The big respect from me to Rasulullah SAW., to his family, to his friends, and to all muslimin and muslimat.

To our English teacher that I really respect. To all the audience, my great friends that i love, here today let me share a knowledge to you in this speech that is named “How to do Public Speaking”. You can call this as “tips and trick”. Okay, let’s start now! There is a story. In the backstage or before you tell the materials for presentation or speaking in front of the class, how do you feel? Your body is getting cold but your head is hot. You lose your mind and feel so nervous at all. Actually, there is a lot of feelings and you think too much. How if my friends ask the hard question? How if the teacher asks? How if i forget? How if i am wrong? How if, how if, and how if. Okay, actually i’ve ever felt it because i am same as you, i am a student too. But now, i try to clear it all. I try to change and that’s why i stand here confidently. Do you want to know the tips and the tricks? Just say yes, because it’s very important!

Do you know? It’s not only you, but a lot of students in the world, especially in Indonesia have fears of public speaking. It’s called Glossophobia. But it’s okay, you can wake up from your nightmare because i am standing here for you. I will give you a method, we’re gonna learn “The Triple-P Method” It’s how to be brave to speak in front of many audience. Whatever how many they are. Step 1 “Prepare, prepare, prepare!”. You must know your subject backward and forward. You must be a master of the materials. Prepare the answers that you think your friend will ask, believe in yourself that you can do the best. Step 2 “Posture and Physicality”. Before you presentate, drink some water. It’s important. You should stand naturally, don’t be too clumsy, just enjoy yourself and always smile! Have a good expression! Because if you make a lot of expressions, it will be soooo interesting, and make you easy to remember the materials. Step 3 “Pull the audience”. The best public speaker will hold the audience. He will walk around the room and think this room is his. Don’t be too serious. It’s so boring! Don’t ever speak like reading. Speak with your own language but still polite. Do the dialogue with the audience or tell some jokes. Stay natural and the audience will be on your side!

I think it’s enough for the knowledge. Actually i have been inspirated by the motivational video in Youtube, it’s name is “Watchwellcast”. I hope after this, we can change the way to present something because we must think smart and do speaking a lot in this new world where the crime is getting higher. As the youth, let’s move and begin our success from now! The little thing like speaking can rule the world, trust me! Speaking is very important especially for being a succesful person. Once more, remember this motivation “Success is really getting younger” -Merry Riana. Thank you very much for your biggest attention. Forgive me if there were some mistakes when i gave this speech because it’s one learning of speaking.


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