Synopsis : The Brave Tin Soldier

Hans Christian Andersen

“The Brave Tin Soldier”


Once, there were twenty five tin soldiers. They were all brothers. They held arms and looked straight before them. Thew wore the splendid uniform. The color was same altogether.

There was a boy. He had these twenty five tin soldiers. He was very happy because the twenty five tin soldiers were his birthday present from his father. He put the tin soldiers on the table. Then, they stood on it. The table was full of other toys. Beside them, there was one of the tin soldiers who had only one leg. This made him remarkable.

Through the small windows, the room could be seen. The twenty five tin soldiers stood near the castle. The castle was from a piece of paper. In front of the castle, there was a lake. It looked like a real lake.

All this was very pretty. But the prettiest was the tiny little lady. She looked so beautiful with her dress. “That’s the wife for me! Ooohh.. but, can she love me? Oh no.. I just have one leg. She’s too beautiful for me. And.. look! She lives in the castle, but I live in a box with twenty five tin soldiers altogether. There is no place for her.. but no! I must try to introduce myself first”

In the evening, the twenty five tin soldiers had to be in the box. But one of the tin soldiers didn’t enter the box. He stood near the castle. He still saw the tiny little lady dance. When the tin soldier lied himself near the castle, there was a clown jump! The black evil clown! “Hahaha.. Tin soldier!! How a sad boy you are! Just have one leg? Ckckck you must think, you can’t get what you wish! Wait for tomorrow little boy!” Then the evil clown lost in the dark night. The tin soldier just kept silent and lied on the table.

The next day, when the morning came, the children put the tin soldier in the window. But after that, the tin soldier fell over from the window. His head was beneath and his one leg was in the air. The rain fell at that morning. The rain fell faster and faster like a big shower. After that, there were two boys. They made a boat for the tin soldier. So, the tin soldier got on the boat. The water brought him until he entered the drain. The drain was so dark. “Ah.. Where am i going now? I don’t believe the evil clown. I’m sure. I hope the lttle lady will be here with me so i’m not afraid of the darkness.” After that, the tin soldier shocked. He met a big rat. “Have you a passport? Give it to me now!” asked the rat. Because the tin soldier didin’t know what must to do, he just kept silent. The rat was angry and ran to reach the tin soldier, but the wave brought the tin soldier until he fell over from the waterfall. It was a great experience!

Now, he was in the water. It was so dark than before. “Farewell, warrior! Be brave, drifting onward to the grave.” Said him to get more spirit. Then he could see a big fish. He didn’t know before, the fish caught him! The next time, there was a man. He caught the fish and he brought it into the kitchen. In the kitchen, the chef cut the fish. “Yuhuu! there was a tin soldier with one leg inside. Hmmm.. it’s weird.” Then, he took the tin soldier and brought him into a room. He put the soldier on the table and he went back to the kitchen.

Whatever about the curse and all about the evil clown. Now, the tin soldier couldn’t

believe. He stood in a place that he stood before. He was in front of the castle! He was in front of his love, in front of the beatiful dancer, a girl who someday would be his wife. Right, the tiny little lady. He saw her and she saw him too. The tin soldier felt it’s a good time for introducing.

When he walked to the tiny little lady, there was a boy walked to him. The boy took the tin soldier and threw him into the stove. Then, the flame burnt him! At that time, the tin soldier didn’t believe. He wanted to live happily, but.. what’s wrong with him? Why oh why? When the tin soldier would leave this world, his love, the tiny little lady was so sad and cried to see him in the stove. “Oh no.. i haven’t yet told my love, now i had to leave.” The tin soldier melted. He cried. He remembered this was a curse what the evil clown said. His life ended. He couldn’t reach his love. What a very sad ending! The bad destiny.. Aaagh!!



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